/Business models

Application scenarios of battery storage

Congestion Management

Congestion management (redispatch) refers to the intervention of the grid operator in the planned schedule of conventional power generation plants to shift the supply in order to prevent or remedy power overloads in the power grid.

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Control Energy

Control energy serves as a reserve to compensate for any fluctuations in the power grid frequency and to maintain the constant frequency of 50 Hz. With the help of control energy, electricity can be withdrawn as well as fed into the grid.

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Intraday Trading

Volatility on the spot market is increasing with the expansion of renewable energy sources. Battery energy storage systems use intraday market trading to keep shortages or surpluses as low as possible and thus counteract extreme price fluctuations.

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Peak Shaving

If a load peak occurs above a defined limit value, it is cut off by the battery energy storage device. The storage system provides the necessary power accordingly. The network connection is thus kept within the defined value.

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Reactive Power

Reactive power occurs when electrical energy is transported via alternating current. For example, some electrical appliances store energy for a short time and feed it back into the grid. This causes an additional reactive current.

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Black Start Ability

Black start capability is the ability of a power plant to start up from a switched off state independently of the power grid. This is particularly important in the event of a nationwide power failure in order to restart the energy network.

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