Large-scale battery storage project for Helmstedt: Kyon Energy will implement 220 megawatt hours project in Lower Saxony

  • The plant has 110 megawatts of storage capacity and provides 220 megawatt hours of storage capacity for the German power grid and the energy transition
  • With this capacity, BESS will be one of the largest systems in Germany

Munich/Helmstedt, 18.06.2024. Kyon Energy, a leading project developer of large battery storage systems, will build one of the largest storage systems in Germany in Helmstedt, Lower Saxony. The approval for this project represents significant progress in expanding energy storage capacities in the region and across Germany. The plant will have a storage capacity of 110 megawatts and a storage capacity of 220 megawatt hours and will be built near the substation.  

Battery storage systems are extremely important in order to sensibly integrate the increasing share of renewable energy into the power grid. In doing so, they compensate for the volatilities of wind and solar energy, prevent cost-intensive adjustments of plants and stabilize the power grid as a whole. The storage system absorbs excess energy from the power grid and feeds it back into the system when required.

The substation in Helmstedt is an important grid hub in the high-voltage grid, where several 110 kV overhead lines meet. Through its system services, the planned battery storage system can most effectively have a major impact on supply security for supraregional areas and the integration of renewables.

“Large-scale battery storage systems play a decisive role in the energy transition by increasing the flexibility of the power grid and enabling the integration of renewable energies. With our new plant in Helmstedt, we are setting an important milestone in expanding energy storage capacities in Germany. We welcome the cooperation with the city of Helmstedt and that we are moving the energy transition forward together,” says Florian Antwerpen, one of the managing directors of Kyon Energy.

Wittich Schobert, Mayor of the City of Helmstedt, emphasizes that “with the large battery storage system, a further step is being taken to rapidly transform the former lignite mining area with temporarily three large coal-fired power plants into a modern industrial location where renewable energy is generated, stored and converted on a large scale so that energy can continue to be available as needed in the future. ”

About Kyon Energy

Kyon Energy is a German project development company that focuses on large battery storage systems. With 121 MW of battery storage systems successfully developed and sold with partners, over 650 MW of approved and ready for construction projects and a current project pipeline of over 7 GW, Kyon Energy is one of the market leaders in Germany. The company has a particular focus on the development and optimization of multi-use strategies, combined with deep expertise in project development and management as well as the regulation of large battery storage systems. Through its battery storage systems, Kyon Energy is a driver of the energy transition and strives for a world powered by renewable, sustainable and independent energy.

Marta Bitti
Senior Marketing & Communications Managerin